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Gateway to Nothingness

My Ramblings

4/3/07 11:24 am

drawing personality

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3/16/07 10:28 am - The exciting new episode!

Since the last time I posted, I've had a bit of excitement.

A few nights ago, my co-worker and I went to go get some Chinese Food after work. Some of the guys we've been working with mentioned this one resturaunt in a town about twenty minutes away. After wrapping up for the day we went down there only to get there before they opened for dinner service. After wasting some time in the town center. (For those whom haven't been to Germany, alot of the larger towns are based around "town centers" where older establishments were made, i.e. Town Markets inside a walled area.)

After we got back to the resturaunt and had a delicious dinner, we just paid for the check when some police officers arrived. We headed out the door to head back on our way and they followed and waved us to the side of the road. They were looking for "some chinese people who were being disruptive" or something to that nature. Being out-of-towners we tried being as helpful as possible. They asked for our passports and then asked us to step out of the vehicle. While my co-worker was talking with onr of the officers by the back of the vehicle, another asked me what I had in my pockets. Now for anyone that has known me for awhile, the better question would have been "What DON'T you have in your pockets?". So I proceded to empty out my pockets of all their contents. Then the officer frisked me and asked to see my wallet (which he sniffed). After a few more minuted they said we were good and could go on our way. All-in-all a weird evening.

Since I've been in Germany, I have tried a couple of beers. My first beer, a "Pilsner" Kinda like a budwiser in color, light clear, bitter. Second beer, a Guinness from an Irish Pub, not bad, but still a little bitter for my tastes. Third beer I had the other night here at the hotel's resuraunt, A Hiepha Weisen or "Wheat Beer". Definitely not as bitter as the Pilsner or Guinness but tasted to me like wheat dough, like I can taste the yeast working on it. I'm planning for my next beer to hit another Irish Pub and try a Killian's Red.

Germany has been very lovely so far. Granted its just starting to hit spring, but the air is nice and been rather nice weather, aside from the cold starts to the day.

3/4/07 02:48 pm - The Lost Episodes

Well, after going back and looking, not much has changed. When I posted that last post, I was supposed to be flying back that Saturday. Well the work load shifted and I ended up in CO, for a month. I came home last weekend. Damn was that a sucky weekend.

I was supposed to fly home (NJ) on Saturday at 8am with a connecting flight in Houston (1:45 after I would have landed.) When I got to the airport, the plane was sitting a ways back from the building getting looked at. Well after an hour and a half, I decied that my layover was to short to make my connecting flight. So I went to the Gate Agent to see about getting a new connecting flight. She told me that they had nothing else flying from CO springs for that day but did have something leaving Denver that could get me home. So I said sure. After they were kind enough to get me a $200 voucher for a cab to go to Denver. BTW this is Continental My plane had a "Mechanical Issue" preventing it to take off. When I get to Denver US Airways (whom i was booked for my new flight) tells me I have to go to United. So I sit in line at United for 2:30 - 3 hours. Missing my flight. So when I get to the counter, they tell me I have to go to Continental. At this point I wanted to choke-a-bitch. So Continental tells me that they can get me on a flight to Newark on Tuesday. I tell them I need to be there sooner. So they say La Guardia on Monday? I tell them "No. Sooner." SO they get me on a flight back in CO Springd for Sunday. Then because of the Snow on Sunday, I didn't get home until 2am. I needed sleep after that.

And now, I am in Germany after having been in a plane for over 7 hours, not sleeping much and driving 4-5 hours all over to get to the Hotel. I'm beat but can't sleep.

1/25/07 09:02 pm

Well its been awhile since I did an update. I'm typing this up in Notepad for the time being because I don't have an active internet connection.

Been working alot, but also used up all my sick days so far. I got hit with Bronchitis and a bit of a cold right after the Holidays.

Right after New Years, I traveled to Colorado Springs. It was supposed to be a short trip but got extended by a couple of days because more work was there than originaly estimated. Then this past Monday I traveled back out to Colorado Springs. After having to go into the office on Monday to make sure my equipment was shipped and to attend a meeting. My flights were long but fortunately I didn't have to sit next to anyone. I need to remember when going to Big Cities via air especially long trips I should grab my Airplane headphone adapter. Its cheaper than paying $5 for a cheap headphones. Well anyway, this trip seems to be turning out like the last one. I will be extending my visit to about th 17th of February. There is alot of work for me to be doing even if its not on hand to do it right now :-/ . I would prefer to be sitting here doing work rather han just sitting here.

I've been playing WoW: BC alot recently. Currently level 63 and I think I've cleared most of the quests in Hellfire Peninsula. But I need to go back by the Mag'Thar to see what is going up there. It was funny the first few days of the BC, being in Outland watching everyone be buddy-buddy and running around like scared little girls. When I get High enough, I want to get a group together to take down Fel Reavers. Also only 2 more levels till I can learn to portal to Shattarath. 5 more to learn Invisibility. The only annoyance I have had latley is that after Patch 2.0.3 my graphics driver causes glitches, i.e. my icons are static, and other graphic issues arise, I see patterns on the ground, all the bars turn black, just a few examples. I sent an email to WoWsupport with a picture of it and haven't heard back yet about it. Also, last weekend, I was getting tired of getting ganked by Alliance members for no reason. So I tried to rally the Horde into all-out warfare. I got 17 HKs in about 30 mins after I did that. Also When I get my BE Pally up there, I will show Paladins how annoyign that fucking hammer attack is. Stunning with no break out from attacks. I also think they Nerfed the Mage's Mana Shield this last patch. They say they changed it to block both Spells and Damage, well while in HFC:BF I tried to trip a mine with it on and still got full damage...

I've been drinking one Monster Khaos each day to help keep me awake and moving. Gotta say its got a nice taste to it. I also find it very funny that it has a warning that you shouldn't have more than 3 cans a day.

12/26/06 03:30 pm - ...

Wow, its been awhile.

I can never think of what to write sometimes and when I do think of something I get distracted.

Been keeping busy with work and such. Family keeps me busy too. Traveling sure takes alot out of you, especially resisting the urge to hurt some people.

Speaking of wanting to hurt people, my brother James is very high on that list. He is such a slacker and a loser. He shows up at Christmas with NOTHING for anyone. I mean, I, who has been having a bit of finacial issues lately, could afford to get gifts for people (Large Props to Nadine on the gift choices they were all super). He didn't bring anything to contribute to food on either X-mas Eve or X-Mas day. The rest of the family all brought contributions for X-Mas day. Nadine did her Brownie Trifle, I did some Chocolate Chip Cookies. I got some nice gift cards that I may use later today or some point soon. I'm thinking X-Men III, V for Vendetta, Clerks II and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest as top of the list.

I finished watching all of Full Metal Alchemist including the movie. That was a great series. I also watched Battle Royale on Sunday. That was an AWESOME movie. Also, I checked out Immortel, it was an interesting one. Along the lines of Blade Runner, Total Recall and such like that.

Other than that, not much else has been going on with me.

10/31/06 06:42 am - God Damnit all

Happy Halloween everyone.

Man o man. Lets see, where to start. Last week, on Sunday, I flew down to Atlanta GA to go to Fort Benning. Last week work was uneventful. Friday, drove across the state to chill with my brother. Basically it was a weekend of World of Warcraft. On Sunday, though, Scott found that his account was hacked into and all of his equipment was sold from two of his accounts and that two of his other accounts were deleted. I noticed that someone/something logged into my accounts at the time shift. I thought it was just that, a glitch when the time changed. Sunday evening drove back across the state to go back to work. Today, at around 4-5am, someone logged into my accounts and sold all my equipment on my main, all my bags on my secondaries. Time to go kill some bitch.

Did my laundry last night. While I was waiting for that to do its stuff, I played some games in the "Arcade". I like the one where you pull down the helmet and that has the screen to look at to shoot the planes and boats. I then played the Sniper Scope game and took first ranking in the Training mode (3rd attempt). My first I took 4th, and my second try I didn't place.

Other than that not much else has gone on.

10/9/06 08:48 am

i hate mornings, I just want to sleep...

9/20/06 10:04 am

No, I am not dead in a firey plane crash. Its just been a long busy time for me. Over the weekend, Nadine and I moved into out new apartment. That was fun. Huge TV + Tired back from playing with an active (and demanding) 4yo girl = grumpy Brian. Plus it didn't help that it got to be warm that evening. That was Saturday's fun filled activities. Sunday was "lets go to Ikea" day. Got most of what we wanted / needed. No Billy Bookcase though. And I just looked at buying online and shipping it. Holy fucking shit! $103 alone for shipping. Fuck that. That is waaaaay too much for fucking shipping.

So at some point I will attempt to find it in Ikea again. Also, I'm slightly peeved at Cablevision. I neeeeeeeeed my High-Speed internet to check my email which you should have replied to for confirmation that I wanted my Cable yesterday. I know your truck was there. I was informed. But no, you didn't stop by the apartment. You better do it today, or there will be hell to pay.

Well, atleast I know that by the time the Inter-Web gets hooked up, my guys will have plenty of Rested Bonus time in WoW.

9/1/06 11:12 am - uhwhazit???

I woke up about 15 mins ago. and have that throbbing headache that I sometimes get when I oversleep. But that was a very nice sleep. I have today and monday off. Its sweet. I'm going to go play WoW in a bit. I'm chatting with Nadine first.

8/17/06 02:47 pm

Man, it feels good to be back home. But waking up early still sucks. lol

If anyone wants to ask me anything about myself, Nadine or something I might know. Feel free and I will answer to the best of my ability without getting into trouble. (Getting beat up sucks :-Þ)

8/12/06 09:45 pm

I've had a good day. Woke up at 10am and played WoW and watched SW all day. Last Night, I put on Episodes VI then I then this morning I put on in this order V, II, III, IV(on right now).

Sadly I haven't done my laundry yet. So I will most likely have to do that tomorrow at some point. Not much otherwise going on. Been chillin in my hotel room all day.

7/13/06 11:23 pm - YAY!

Nadine is coming to visit me in Ft Bragg :-D

7/12/06 07:44 pm

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I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.  (No past) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.  (Sometimes? Fuck) × I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.  (Ummm who is asking this question?) × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.  (Can't get on planes with them...)
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7/5/06 12:04 pm - Uhhhgggnnn

My head hurts, I'm tired and hungry.

I woke up late today (7 am) because I didn't hear my alarm. My mother's alarm is what eventually woke me up. I'm filthy, I need to do laundry. And the day just seems to be going slowly, probably because of my headache. I think I'm dehydrated because I didn't have anything to drink since I woke up and drove straight here and can't have any food or drink in here.

My day off was fun. I did some stuff on WOW not much but enough. Got beat up by my niece, who I think is coming back up this way tonight. Nadine and I got Bowling shoes the other day and they fit pretty good.

I think right now, I need food and beverage in me, more than anything.

7/3/06 10:09 am

Also as a side note, my older brother and his wife got me hooked on WOW yesterday.

7/3/06 09:10 am

Today, I woke up at 3 am to go to work. I got to work in two hours and knew that I couldn't get in. So I drove around until I got too bored to drive anymore.

6/30/06 02:18 pm

Oi fuck am I bored.... And for some reason, this afternoon I just seem to be developing a nice headache. Not sure if I'm tired but a nap sounds good about now.

I just hope when thy let me out, traffic isn't too bad getting out to PA.

6/28/06 08:24 am

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6/27/06 11:19 am - OMG!!!


6/23/06 11:02 am - Drink from me and live forever

So this evening I am going to do my good samaritan act for the next few months and donate some blood. They called me after work on Monday offering free movie passes if I donated within the next two days. I told them I wasn't available until today (friday) so I'm going in at 6. I wonder if I can still get those free movie passes...

Works been slow the last few days. I try and stay occupied for the most part.

Man, I'm hungry. Good thing I have those Leftover White Castle burgers in my car :-D I'll have some now and then have some more at 4pm when I leave for the blood donating. I would be interested if they wanted to take two pints of blood. I got plenty to share.

6/22/06 09:50 am

Ok, this is scary..

'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon.

6/14/06 09:05 pm - Its not easy being evil

Well, all the rumors are true. I have returned to my homestead. I have missed much of what is here. Georgia is nice, but I missed family and friends. I met alot of nice and cool people down there and I hope that when I continue traveling I will get to meet alot more. My next big trip is to Ft. Bragg, NC. It will be from July into August. Nadine is planning on coming with me for part of it. I am also attempting to go to Otakon in August.

In other news. By younger brother is still a douche. "Some of them smell like a Summer's Eve because they've been douched too much." On Monday the 5th, he was let go from his job, (we assume it was due to attendence issues like all his previous jobs) and on that Wednesday, our mother kicked him out because she found money missing from her purse and he was the only other person around. But on Sunday, he said he was "sorry" and asked for forgiveness and it was given. I figure he waited until Sunday because he was at LAIRE all weekend. As of yesterday he is now out in PA working for my father. The sad part is I know he is gonna touch Nadine's and My stuff because he respects NO ONE's personal space. Like this morning, I don't know why but I wanted to get something that was in James' room that Nadine was asking about but I didn't remember what it was and was hoping to jog my memory and I saw he bought himself a cheap dvd player and took some of my dvds from my room.

I have to give some big props to my sister-in-law. Before I left Georgia she burned me a couple of CDs. I've been listening to one pretty much the last two days. Its Voltaire with some other stuff on the end. Anyone who knows who Voltaire is, tell my what your favorite song is.

Since I've been back, I have; Purchased several new movies (my dvd list is here ), got a haircut, got Nadine some Rx Sunglasses, got her some new under garments, had some nice quality time with Nadine and drooled at my father's new laptop.

6/8/06 07:30 am

Woot. Almost done and can go home....

6/6/06 07:24 am

What the hell are we looking at?

We're looking at now.

Go back to then.





We can't.


We missed it.


Just now. We're looking at now now.

When will then be now?


6/3/06 06:16 pm

So far my weekend has been alright. Friday I got Chinese food for Scott, Andrea, Lillith and myself. It was a nice meal together.

I let myself sleep in a bit today. Woke up around 10 or so. I forget. So far today, I have played some Battlefront II, and then watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Tnhe Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and am currently watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. While I've been watching my movies, I've also been doing my laundry. Not sure what I want to do tonight though. Maybe play some more video games.

Tomorrow, I'm going with Scott and Andrea to near Atlanta to go to a Hearse show called "Monster Mash". It should be fun.

At this time, next Saturday, I should be home. Keyword is should, because if what happened to my coworker flight yesterday happens, then it might take longer.

Ahhh I do like watching this scene. *refering to Cloud vs Sephiroth*

"I thought of a wonderfull present for you. Shall I give you despair?"

6/2/06 03:55 pm - OMGWTFBYOB!!!

OMG, work was sooooo slow. I had NOTHING to do. I'm only allowed to do one thing. But if I don't have anything to upgrade. I can't do anything. Its like a wasted day just sitting/melting away in a friggin tent in the Georgia heat.

Today is my birthday. I got treated to a nice breakfast. I also got a nifty crown from BK.

"Hail to the KING, baby." ;-D

5/31/06 07:35 pm

Well its been a really fucking slow week at work so far. I've done about 2-3 hours of actual work time over the last two days. Thats how slow its been. I've been watching Lord of the Rings when nothing is going on.

Today we hosed the floors down in the work area. It was something else to do.

I've been watching Battlestar Galactica (2004 edition from SciFi). I started really getting hooked in the second season. So I got the First Season and the first half of the second season.

I'm not sure what I want to do for the majority of the weekend. I know Scott and Andrea are going to Monster Mash outside of Atlanta. I would be riding in the back of the Herse for the trip. Not sure how I feel about that. I took a ride in the back last night going to Chili's and I got a little motion sickness in there; hot, stuffy and tough to sit up in.

5/29/06 01:28 am - Geektastic

Ok, this has been an awesome weekend. I just got back from the second gaming session overf at Scott's place. On Saturday evening/night Scott, Andrea, her brother Sandy, and her friend Bear all started up a gaming session. It was alot of fun. :-D
It was DnD 3.5 Edition rules. Our party consisted of A human Fighter, A human Sorceror, A half-elf Rogue, a half-elf Ranger and a Dark Elf/Dhampire Paladin. By the end of tonights session, the fighter turned into a werewolf and killed the sorceror. The sorceror was buried and then was ressurrected. By what and whom, we do not know. The rogue had his head bitten off in battle and the ranger saw it regrow. The ranger is going insane and the paladin knows way to much buit won't say. Gotta say, I did miss RPing with Scott and what not. Definitely better than having Nate DM the game. He got mad if the story started to stray from how he wanted it to turn out and would put the characters into positions that would sometimes end up with their death.

Also, a really good joke I read the other day.


Actual Radio Conversation

This is the transcript of an actual radio conversation of a US naval
ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October,
Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-95.

Americans: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a

Canadians: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to
avoid a collision.

Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert
YOUR course.

Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.


Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

5/20/06 01:32 pm - meme

Why am I on your friends list?

Answer and post this in your journal.

5/17/06 06:22 pm - Blah blah blah

So I'm sitting in my hotel room after I get back from work and thought "whats the best way to be a geek right now?" Then it hit me. Watch some Godzilla. I love me some Godzilla. Plus in this one they have it all. Its a geek-a-thon for Godzilla fans :-P

It makes me want to get more Godzilla movies...

5/12/06 10:45 am - Early morning tidings

Well there are good things and bad things about waking up early. The good thing is that it gives me time to wake up in the morning. The bad thing is that to wake up in a good fashion, I need to go to bed earlier. Like 8 or 9 pm, 10 latest. I ended up forgetting about the 7 minute preview of X-Men 3 last night on Fox. Oh well. Just more of a surpise when I see the movie in theaters.

I gotta say this, I can't believe they gave Chuck Norris a cartoon show back in the 80s...

5/6/06 08:38 am - The begining of something new...

Well, starting Monday, I'm TDY in Georgia on business for a month. I won't be back until the 10th of June. I'm kinda excited, kinda nervouse about the whole thing. I'll get to see my niece again. I haven't seen her since Scott and Andrea brought her up to NJ two Septembers ago.

I think I burned my lips on my Wonton Soup last night.

I find my issue is, I don't want to be bored but I don't want to bring too much. I don't want to get there and then have to spend money. I want to try and keep my expenses to a minimum.

The nice thing is Nadine is thinking about flying down there on the 1st and spend the last week with me or so. Also, after taking a look, the place has an outdoor pool. Thats always a plus :-)

So much going on, I just don't want to fuck things up.

4/9/06 06:59 pm

Well it is time for that update.

As of Wednesday March 29, I have been working at a new job back in NJ. I am a contractor with the government. I've been staying at my mother's back in Parsippany and will be until I save enough to move to my own place with Nadine. My father was and probably still is a little pissed about the whole thing. When I saw him yesterday he was a little brash and apprehensive towards me.

Next weekend, Nadine and I are doing Easter Dinner for the family out in PA. It looks like it will be most of the family here.

As to my post from yesterday, just so you all know, I haven't seen Nadine in over a week. ;-)

My new job seems to be going pretty good. I get to start travelling on May 8th. First stop right now is Savahanna GA. Which I will be there for about 5 weeks.

Well I guess its time for me to start heading home now. Ta ta

3/20/06 09:21 am

Today you could have an exciting sense of vision about your own future, BRIAN. Sometimes you have strong intuition about events that might happen to you up ahead. Right now you could get an enticing glimpse of how certain events in your life are going to unfold. This could pertain to your personal or your professional life. You're headed in the direction of some great things, so keep the faith!

3/16/06 10:26 am - Hey Wendy...

I just saw this and thought of you.


3/16/06 08:53 am

I hate it when those sneaky bastards at Netflix do something like this...

I am currently started watching Chobits on dvd from Netflix. On my next to be released discs are disc 3 and 4, 5 to be upcoming soon. They are sending me disc 4 to arrive in the mail today. Disc 3 isn't scheduled to arrive until Saturday. Which means, I have to wait until Saturday to continue watching Chobits.... Those fuckers.

3/9/06 10:00 am

I can be so indecisive at times. I know at some point, I want to check out some sort of convention this year. I'm not sure if its going to be Wizard World Philly or Otakon. Wizard World is mostly about comics held multiple times a year in various cities. Otakon is the second biggest anime convention in the US held in Baltimore. Wizard World will be the first weekend of June (aka my birthday weekend) and Otakon will be held in August from the 4th to the 6th, in the Baltimore Convention Center by the Inner Harbor. I would probably be more inclined to go to Wizard World if my friend Don was interested, but he is far more anti-social than I.

3/8/06 01:00 pm

Well, I've corrected the error from before and we now possess the 2 disc special edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

3/8/06 11:39 am

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3/8/06 09:30 am

So as most of my friends probably know, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out on DVD yesterday, because we're all nerds. :-p

Well Nadine and I went to BJ's Wholesale Club to pick it and a few other things up. When Nadine watched it last night, she was saddened to see that we managed to pick up the single disc version and not the Special 2-disc version. I may have to go back to BJs to see if they have it in stock or not.

2/24/06 11:08 am

Spider-Man's Costume

2/22/06 10:16 am

Not much going on by me this week. Been rather poor of late. Had to make my car payment and soon I'm gonna have to make my Insurance payment.

I've been playing SW: Empire at War. Lots of fun there. I just started up a Rebel Campaign after having beaten the Empire Campaign.

Nadine and I are going to try and eat healthier again.

Man, how can Nadine stand it when I start breathing through my teeth or just breathing loud.

My dream last night involved me playing Beethoven using Water in glass goblets and then trying to make music using chalk on a chalk board. You know, that screechy sound that makes people go nuts. And apparently in Nadine's dream I was singing or something.

Man I'm hungry. And its not even Noon yet.... Damn this day is going slowly.

2/22/06 09:45 am

If you had me alone...locked up in your house for twenty-four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to, what would you do with me? Respond, then repost this in your LJ- or don't. You might be surprised with the responses you get.

Comments are screened unless you want me to unscreen them

2/20/06 07:44 am

So last night's dream...

We're at war in some country and one of our plans get shot down. Surround by what we originally thought were allies, they hold the plane and its occupants hostage until President Bush pardons several people/things. But he doesn't want to being the stubborn srrogant ass he is. But his father uses the last of his former presidential power to do the actual pardoning and is pisses off jr alot. The lsat visual I had from my dream was seeing Dick CHeney in front of tv crews and other people kneeling infront of Bush And Bush looking furious.

BTW my dream started playing out like a RTS game. But this isn't the first time I've had this dream before either.

2/16/06 11:57 pm

Today was a good day. Did some work (for a change :-p) then at lunch time went and picked up my copy of Star Wars: Empire At War. If you like RTS games (thats Real Time Strategy for those who don't know) and like Star Wars, this is a good buy. But if you want to wait for the price to go down a bit, go ahead... (you panzy :-P)

I played it a bit after work. Its really nice. Good graphics, good controls really well done.

Other things that I'm eagerly awaiting are, Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS2, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I am also keen in checking out Dirge of Cerebus. Its a FPS game following Vincent Valentine from FFVII.

Nadine sent me an IM before saying how our snack selection sucks and that she was craving chocolate. So being a loving and caring fiance, I went to two stores to get her some snacks. I was looking for some Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars, but neither Turkey Hill or WaWa had it. So I got her some Cadbury Creme Eggs (cause I know she loves those), some reese's, Hostess Cupcakes, some truffles, and some Dove Chocolate Eggs. She didn't care for the truffles, so what I might do is just drop them in the kitchen at the office tomorrow, and hope people eat them.

I still want to get my LOTR EEs back...

Time for me to go to bed. Night all

2/15/06 09:33 am

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2/14/06 12:13 pm

Don't let the corporations fool you. Valentine's Day is for everyone. I feel that its not just a day for couples but for everyone who is our hearts. Friends and Family, the day is about letting others know you care for them. Give them an extra hug, let them know that you are thinking of them and wish only for the best. Don't feel sad because you don't have your own Johnny Depp or someone of your own. Be glad you have good friends who care for you, be glad you have a loving family.

2/13/06 08:59 am

I didn't sleep well last night. my neck/shoulders felt cramped and such, so I tried sleeping on the guest bed instead of the sofa. Didn't help much. I managed to get some sleep, but I was very uncomfortable and it is still bothering me this morning..

I am really enjoying the Netflix experience. No, I don't get people waiting for me in my home, but its still a very good service. This weekend's movies were The Passion of the Christ (not bad as alot of people said very bloody but its supposed to be for the one scene Mel Gibson did for the movie, also 2 hours for one fucking part in the life of Jesus come on...), This Is Spinal Tap (Ok granted I thought Spinal Tap was an actual band before watching this not bad slightly on the lame side) and The Seven Samurai (Excellent movie, I can completely see why it made the IMDB Top 10)

I ran a fire last night while we had dinner it was a nice experience. It was also nice because we had the house to ourselves since Saturday. So I felt it was time for a "naked/semi-naked time" Then it started snowing. We accumalated about 8-10 inches. My friend Don who is still in NJ said that they got about a foot and a half. Then of course yesterday I had to shovel (probably why my neck and shoulders are sore) And he and a bunch of other people are saying, oh yeah, I had to "shovel the sidewalk/driveway" But really they meant use a snow blower which probably takes half the time. Fortunately, I have a loving Fiance who was making "Hot" Chocolate. Hot as in Temperature and Spicey. Chayene Pepper adds a nice kick to chocolate. Don't believe me? Try Target's Choxie Hot Chocolate bar. Good Stuff. And nadine even put in the little marshmallows. :-D

I wish I could "feel so numb" right now. Maybe take a long hot bath and let the muscles relax. I haven't done that in a long time. a long time...

2/9/06 03:04 pm

Oh man, I'm so excited. Square Enix has released the official Voice Cast for KH 2


Some interesting Changes, and in addition, they make references to the Voice Cast for Advent Children. Its definitely something to check out...

2/9/06 09:34 am

Someone pointed this out to me today, I would totally vote for him.

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