Maxwell King (maximumhk) wrote,
Maxwell King

Random Tidbits about me

I guess you can say this stemmed from a flash of boredom...

- Lately, when people ask my age, I get it wrong. It's not because I don't know when I was born or can't do the math, my brain just doesn't seem to care about my age that much.

- I have dreams that often like to repeat. I do recall dreams that I've had long since past that were one-shots that later seem to have come true. Others, I see faces and things that I can't place until later in life and recognize.

- There are two good things that I can say came out of my failed marriage. 1st is of course Chewbacca, my pug. Second is she was the driving force that sent me up to Camp Sac with my brother for my first event.

- I enjoy music, movies and some musicals, but I don't like being in crowds. Only been to 1 major music show willingly, a Green Day/Blink-182 Concert some years back. 2 Plays/musicals within the last 15 years that I can recall. I've never really been one to go into NYC to do much.

- I try not to regret things that I may have missed or actions I have taken, with one major exception to that rule currently, my marriage.

- I like to keep an active imagination and visualize things in my head.

- Playing video games are a major part of my life. There will be times that I take a hiatus from some games that get too demanding, but I usually go back after a while. Some examples are Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, just to name a few.

- I love movies and some Television series. When I can afford it, I try and keep a decent movie library. But I am always looking for new things to watch be it TV series, anime, and what-have-you.

- Part of my current income is baby-sitting for some friends. The kids are pretty good and I try and get some "classical appreciation" into their lives by making them watch The Snorks and The Smurfs.

- Friends, for me are few and far between. I try to be easy-going and friendly for the most part, but there are few people that see my true darker side. I categorize people I know into various categories. Acquaintances, Kinda-Friends, Friends, True-Friends and Best Friends. People in the first two categories I am willing to help with things like Moving, with some bribery aka food. The next two if I'm not busy and am able to, will help with just about anything without the bribery. The second-to-last group I would be there as soon as possible to help. The last group, would be the one I would be sitting next to should the cops every be called. lol. Once you get to the to Friends or above, it would take near an act of god to break my loyalty towards you.

- I'm a Gemini. As an air sign, I do tend to like to talk, when I get in a talking mood. I also tend to be a devil's advocate on some things. I try and keep an open mind and view from different angles. With that said...

- I know I can be a major dick at times. And sometimes I do it, just because I can.

- I am also prone to talking myself out of things. I often second-guess myself with things usually involving going outside.

- I am very prone to bouts of laziness. But I do enjoy going out and doing things. Not have obligations to go outside usually help start it, but I can overcome it from time to time.

- Yes, I am overweight and know it, so please, don't bring it up.

- I would either love to be immortal, or just be able to travel throughout time to see everything.

I'll end it here. I'm being a bit of a blowhard, aren't I?
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