Maxwell King (maximumhk) wrote,
Maxwell King


Last night, while walking dear Chewie, I had some thoughts pop into my head.

A. If the universe is inifinite, it means it must loop back upon itself at some point.
B. Time is relative to how one percieves things.
C. If matter can be neither created nor destroyed, where did it come from before the universe began.
D. If the Universe did begin, it must end.
E. If the Universe ends, where does the matter go?
F. You cannot gain something from nothing and you cannot send something into nothing. (Dividing by Zero will destroy everything apparently)

This is where my thoughts lead me.

The universe dies and is reborn constantly and so rapidly that we never know it. It's what provides the energy for all matter. It's what helps us percieve things. Our consciousness start at random points and flow though this chaos altering when our perceptions change to how we think, interact with events every second. Lingering doubts are spots where two consciousness crossed paths and left lingering thoughts ideas.
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