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A meme for you in my boredom

Ten things you'd know about me if you knew me really well:
1. I love Nadine
2. I love movies
3. I love games
4. I love to travel
5. I love Chewie
6. I have a tattoo
7. I married first girlfriend ever
8. I hold M&M wars with the big bags
9. Rocky Road Ice Cream is the way to go
10. I love to eat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Nine of my worst qualities:
1. I am lazy
2. I have a whiney voice (apparently I when I talk, most of the time sounds like I whine)
3. I am easily distracted
4. I snore
5. I eat
6. I sometimes like to pick stupid fights
7. I eavesdrop (can't argue with that one)
8. I can be very infuriating
9. I am probably crazy

Eight movies that I could never get tired of:
1. Star Wars (all of them)
2. Indiana Jones (all of them)
3. Lord of the Rings (all of them)
4. Battle Royale
5. Batman Begins/ The Dark Knight
6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
7. Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)
8. Spaceballs

Seven best days of my life:
1. When I met Nadine
2. When I met Chewie
3. When I got this job
4. Climbing up Cadillac Mountain with my Brother
5. The day I realized that I can be me and not have to care
6. Wedding Day
7. When I first moved to AZ

Six things I'm known to collect:
1. Star Wars stuff
2. DVDs
3. Books
4. Magnets for work
5. Wallpapers for the computer
6. Animal Friends

Five things that are always with me:
1. Ring
2. Wallet
4. Crazy Thoughts
5. DVDs

Four places you could find me if I were missing:
1. Movie Theater
2. DVD Store
3. Friend's house
4. The woods

Three wishes I want to make:
1. More money
2. A more stable world environment (people wise, not nature)
3. Unlimited Power

Two names I'd give my future children:
1. Michael
2. Alexis

One thing I'm really good at:
1. Being Me
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