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Now, I know I have had a fair share of weird dreams, but sometimes I think my imagination gets a little over-zealous with what it can come up with.

My dream on saturday into sunday got me a little worked up.

In my dream, my left hand had something akin to a splinter and I being myself was trying to work it out of the skin. As it got closer to the surface, I realized that it was a small washer (i.e nuts and bolts). I've now gotten it to the point of exiting the skin and as it slides out, my hand splits down the thumb side so that it "hindges" along the pinky side and flops open. After that happens, the fleshy parts of my palms pop out from the skin side. This causes me to wake up (also Nadine was propping me to roll over as I have gone to my side and started snoring), but I think my hand was robotic, but I can't visualise it from the dream. I couldn't go back to sleep.

The other weird thing about my dreams, is every now and then I have dreams repeat themselves, and I go "Oh I remember this dream" and then try to change what occurs in it.
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