Maxwell King (maximumhk) wrote,
Maxwell King

I hardly ever drank before Nadine. After I left her for cheating on me, I seem to drink quite often. Memorial Day, her birthday, 4th of Ju7ly ( her favorite holiday. I hate her for what she did. And I can't find the part of my soul that is missing. Why did she break me so.

My heart aches. I can't find solace. I thought maybe Regis, but that is gone to me. I am broken and this will be the most truth from me ever. I am out of vodka and now to drown myself in distraction.

I will share this because it is my hidden heart. I normally conceal but deep down I truly feel. There is the thunder. The vodka is wearing off. But I will share this none the less. I am lost no matter what I say.

No WoW tonight.
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