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Maxwell King

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I'm burning for you

So I enjoyed a nice day off yesterday. Got in some WoW time and then was rocking (until the break of dawn). Last weekend, Nadine aquired Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock for the Wii. We have been rocking it atleast once a day. And staring at the game for too long makes me feel like I'm tripping when I look at anything. My eyes, she can't handle it captain! I finished 41 of 42 songs on easy last night. The one I didn't do was the Slayer-Raining Blood song. I didn't get past 38%

When I came into work this morning, it was walking into a suana. The coolers we guess went out over the weekend at some point and our room feels like its in the 80s or so, and very humid.

Can't wait for lunch.
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